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Andy Romanoff Chat

Writer, storyteller, photographer, and a few other things. I write about photography for L'oeil de la Photographie and I write memoir and musings about life on Medium, usually at Stories I've Been Meaning to Tell You. My photography covers a span of sixty years (yep) and there's a lot of it. I'm a member of the Motion Picture Academy, the motion picture camera union and more. I've got a few patents and a police record from long ago, I've had some fun and I'm always looking for more. Any ideas?

Jun 30, 2018 Respond

Working with Series

I'm trying Series for the first time and find it very frustrating. The bite-size thoughts, the limited ability to work with pictures, the lack of tagging, even the way it seems hidden from the rest of Medium on the Medium pages. and finally the difference between the large and small screen presentations. Anybody here have any thoughts about working with Series?


Yitzi Weiner

Jul 18, 2018

Here is how I used "Series"  It's designed to help you collect stories as part of a series into one collection. You add links to the stories on each of the cards.  You don't write the story on the cards

When you start the series, all of your followers are notified. That's a huge bonus. If your followers subscribe to the series, then whenever you add a new story to the series they are notified. 

If you don't use a series, your followers are only notified about your new stories occasionally in the medium newsletter.

Basically its kind of link an announcement to all of your followers that you are starting a series and they can follow the series if they want.

If Medium likes the series, they will feature it prominently on their main pages. 

I hope this was helpful, my friends :-)