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Jacques Ledoux Chat

Mature and experienced IT professionnal that, after wandering in the high spheres of IT consulting, finally realized that his karma has always been business analysis and software development. Also, I like to chip in once in a while about the incongruities and inconsistencies too often seen in the workplace, Finally, my goal is to share my technical knowledge, experience and, sometimes, opinions about current technologies and their potential impact on our day to day life.

Jun 26, 2018 Respond

Publishing in other languages than English


Being new on Medium, I just wonder if we have to always write in English. Even if I mostly write in English, my mother language is French and live in Quebec. So I'd lke to be able to write in French once in a while for specific subjects and local followers.





Kathy Jacobs

Jul 2, 2018

I know that there are multi-lingual publications out there. Code Like a Girl is one I contribute to. Not sure which other ones are out there.